Manneh Muin

Reclaiming and Restoring the Pride of District # 17.

Who is Solomon Manneh Muin?

Solomon Manneh Muin, best known by his people as Umbrella, a symbolic nickname given by his grandfather, is a caring son of Banjor, Lower Virginia, and a people-centered leader dedicated to social transformation and community development. From the football fields in Banjor, Brewerville, Virginia, and New Kru Town, as a youth, to the pulpit and public service as an adult in Liberia and the United States, Solomon has committed his life to building a brighter future for all, regardless of color, creed, or class. Solomon is the son of the late Rev. Steven W. Muin Jr. of Banjor, former General Secretary of the Liberian Council of Churches and African Regional Secretary of the World Student Christian Federation. His mother is the late Mrs. Estelle Dahn
Nyemah of St. Paul's Bridge, Lower Virginia.  

Solomon Muin



 (301) 383.6874
District # 17 - Monsterrado County
Headquarter - Banjor, Lower Virginia